Cynthia's signature style is comfortable, luxurious design. Her style ranges from Traditional to Classical silhouettes, but she prefers the glamour of 1940's French Moderne. She loves to create whimsy and a sense of Joie de Vivre in any environment.

Design & Décor

Cynthia provides hand selected stones, creative floor designs, custom moldings, colors and wallpapers to spark a witty response, luxurious fabrics, uniquely designed draperies and upholstery, while finishing with a clever mix of vintage and modern furnishings and glamorous lighting to make you feel warm and welcome.

Color Consulting

With over twenty five years of experience, Cynthia has mastered the ability to refine a multitude of color combinations to create the perfect atmosphere for any environment. Whether you want a bold statement or a calm soothing mood, she can take you there!

Wallpaper & Murals

Cynthia started in her teen years as a scenic artist for professional theatrical productions. She loves to design custom wallpapers and murals for many projects to help create a sense of individuality, whimsy and branding for your space.

Healing Spaces

Cynthia takes a very personal interest in enhancing the design of spiritual and contemplative spaces such as spas, retreats, yoga studios and churches. She loves to create calm for the soul while radiating beauty in design.


Cynthia works with a full roster of licensed architects, contractors, artists and craftsmen to build a strong architectural foundation based on historical accuracy. She prides herself in the proper use of moldings, scale and proportion for any project.